Sunday, January 16, 2005

Laura also sent me this fabulous poncho! It's made out of ribbon yarn in an autumn palette (these are my colors). I was wanting to make myself one just like this, but hadn't gotten around to it, the yarn is pretty expensive. Thank you so much Laura, it's soooo perfect! Posted by Hello

I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me on Saturday afternoon. My crochetville secret pal is Laura V. There were actually 4 See's candy pops, but they didn't make it to the photo shoot. We don't have a See's candy in Alabama, but I remember how much I loved going to See's with my mother when I was younger and we lived in California. My boyfriend (who is from Nigeria) also loved them. There are 6 YANKEE CANDLES (my personal favorite, they are the best). And a Lion Brand knitting spool which I am quiet curious about.  Posted by Hello

Friday, January 7, 2005

It's here! The yarn winder. I wound the boucle yarn (which were on large cones) into nice center pull skeins. Soooo easy, and worth the $$$. My boyfriend was as amazed as I was. Maybe I can get him to do some? Posted by Hello

Only 5 more squares to go on Baloo's afghan. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Attempt to organize the yarn in the garage. Posted by Hello

More boring crochet chatter

Baloo's blanket is almost half done. I finished 2 squares last night and attached them. I've got a couple of custom orders to this weekend, nothing really major, a very open weave poncho and a scarf. I am hoping my yarn winder gets here by the weekend. I started organizing all the cones, and putting the cones by color is pretty effective for me. Now I know what I need as far as colors, I am searching for a nice burnt orange. I am hoping to join a yarn swap on Crochetville after the winder arrives. Maybe I can swap some nice boucle for some orange yarn

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Here are the first three squares of Baloo's afghan. You can't really see the color well, it's a soft brown/bronze like boucle yarn with chocolate brown boucle trim. Only 9 more squares to go! Posted by Hello

Monday, January 3, 2005

Everytime I leave one of my afghans lying around, Baloo always cuddles in it for a nap. I decided that I needed to make him his own and put it in a bed, I think he'll probably sleep in it. I want his bed to match my bedroom. Posted by Hello