Friday, February 18, 2005


I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I sent off my poncho/shawl to my Crochetville swap partner, I really hope she likes it. I made one of the Cecilia De Bucourt type shawls (which is my favorite shawl to make) using a really nice rayon boucle yarn in a denim blue color. There is very little of that yarn left, not enough to make myself one, I still haven't gotten around to making myself one of those shawls. Kristy (co-worker) who has been crocheting for maybe 2 years now, is making me one in a light ice blue color, but she is using the Solomon's knot pattern which drives me nuts. I can not figure out that stitch to save my life, and I warned her that she may want to pull her hair out trying to figure it out. She called me at about 10:00 one night, so excited because she figured it out. She is going to show me how next week (and she is so delighted that she knows something in crochet that I don't and that she will have to teach me for a change). I told her to hurry up with that shawl, I am going to wear light blue on Monday so it'll match.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My first freeform attempt. This will be a wall hanging for my bedroom. I am calling it "Free at last". The photo doesn't show the details well or the different textured yarns. I will post a better photo when it's finished. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

My faithful sidekick, Baloo. Assuming the position, next to me while I crochet and watch t.v. Posted by Hello

Baloo seemed to like the finished blanket. But he still sleeps with me! Posted by Hello

I just love it! Journey thinks she is crocheting right now. All the kids love the yarn winder, it's great! All these cones will be perfect skeins before long. Posted by Hello