Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hump Day Blues

My boss decided to work from home today, so it's really quiet up here. Lots of people are still on vacation, the phones aren't even ringing and the mail is nearly non-existent. I am enjoying looking at other crochet blogs and I'm trying not to get too frustrated that I have no clue how people set up their little lists of other blogs they like to frequent, and things like a directory of finished projects and the like. I would love to have someplace with photos of things I have finished and works in progress, if anyone can help me with this impossible task, please leave a comment or email me. I've finally figured out how to post photos without too much trouble, I'm ready to embark on another daunting task.

The last two days have been pretty non-productive as far as the crochet goes. After all the rush to get my Christmas crocheting done, I have no idea what to make now. I have to opportunity to make something for myself, but told myself I'd take a little carpel tunnel break. It is really weird sitting to watch television with idle hands. I feel like I should be crocheting. I couldn't stand it on Monday, my last vacation day, I sat in my basement studio to relax and watch a couple of movies. I had to made a scarf, I couldn't help myself!

I think I may try to paint or something, or maybe I will make myself another scarf out of the fabulous mohair blend yarn my secret pal sent me and keep this one this time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The crochet patterns my secret pal sent me. Posted by Hello

Back to the Grind

I'm baaaack! I've only been here fore about 45 minutes and I wish I was at home, I got used to sleeping in. I was nearly late to work today because I dreamed I called in! Then I realized, I'm not sick, that was a dream, get up! I'm not used to being up and functioning at this time. 10 days of sleeping is has been really nice. I just went and got a white mocha from the coffee shop downstairs. My boss is in Montgomery today taking a deposition and my desk isn't nearly as covered up in paperwork as I expected. I'm just really glad that Friday is an off day too. I guess I will start going through the few stacks that are on my desk. I can probably get through them since my boss will be out.

Monday, December 27, 2004

I decided to finally make myself a little black poncho Posted by Hello

Here is a photo of the scarf/hat set that my Crochetville holiday pal sent me. She also sent the notebook, and "D" pin that you can barely see, as well as the flower pin that matches the hat and scarf set. There WAS candy also, chocolate truffles, but I ate them long before I got the new camera. Just had to post this wonderful hand work! Posted by Hello

Here is a photo of the wonderful yarn that my Crochetville secret pal sent me. I have already made a scarf and ended up giving it to mother for Christmas, she loved the yarn, the photos do not do it justice, it is a new camera, so bear with me. Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Wonderful Holiday!

I did get everything finished that I planned on making for the holidays. Carolyn especially liked the cream mohair blend poncho that I made for her, and grandma loved the homespun shawl. My brother said that when my package arrived and he saw the ponchos that I made for his 3 girls, that they were so cute that they brought tears to his eyes (what a compliment). William got me the entire Sex and the City box set (yipee!) and he got me the digital camera that I have been needing desperately. I am installing the computer software now. We went out earlier today to see a matinee (Meet the Fockers) and went out for a late lunch. I am so exhausted. It's 5:20 now and I'm about to put on my new P.J.'s and chill. I have one more day off work tomorrow, and then it's back to the grind. This has been the most relaxing week off and such a great holiday. We are entering Kwanzaa now and I am hoping to see Pandora and Ordra so I can give them their gifts.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Still busy stitching

I promised Julia two ponchos for her classmates by Monday, well I didn't finish the second (pink) one until Monday night and I dropped them off Tuesday night after work. I still have another purple one for a 9 year old that I am selling to a co-worker that should have been done by Monday, and I only did 6 rows on it last night. I guess I was just tired and needed a break. Even my boyfriend said, "You didn't do anything tonight." I guess he expected a finished product, and I could have, but I guess I just was not in the mood or something, or maybe I am tired of making the same poncho in the same color and same yarn. I've done about 6 of them in purple with the fun fur trim at this point. I'm excited about trying the Divine yarn I got at Michael's this weekend. I have a poncho to make for my best friend in cream. I think it will be really pretty, but I've got to get a few more children's ponchos done before I embark on it because I have until Christmas Eve to finish hers. My boss has asked for 2, and I have creative freedom on color on those two thank goodness, I'm tired of looking at purple. I snagged some boxes from work so that I will be able to mail my secret pals their packages tomorrow. Hilary Denise will find out today that I'm her holiday pal, I don't think that one was a secret. I've got one on the way from my secret pal, her name is Dawn. I visited her blog today and saved it as a favorite place. I also sent her a pattern via email.