Friday, February 19, 2010

Antonio's Sacred Hat/Cowl

I had a special request from Antonio who had recently lost one of his favorite hats which was given to him by a friend. Antonio referred to this hat as “The Sacred Hat”. He and his friend searched and could not find a replacement anywhere. Somehow, he stumbled across my Etsy shop and saw my Tugharia drawstring hat/cowl and asked if I could create one similar but to look more like his “Sacred” hat. He had one sole photo of himself wearing the hat which he sent me. I just loved the photo…I could tell how much the he loved the hat and got a good idea of how to make one very similar, so I eagerly took on the challenge and created the Nso (which means “Sacred” in Igbo).

This is Antonio's Sacred Hat/Cowl (above)
The Nso Hat/Cowl is (below)