Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chez Lulu Yarn Bomb

In celebration of Sugar's birthday, Ordra and I took her to our favorite place to dine...Chez Lulu in English Village. If you live in Birmingham, AL and have never been there (or neighboring Continental Bakery), you have to try it. We shared a variety of favorite dishes, wine and just laughed and enjoyed each others company. That place never disappoints. The waiter didn't even seem to notice when I was yarn bombing one of the chairs, not even when I was holding the chair between my ankles at a 45 degree angle. We were kinda tucked away in an alcove so, none of the other patrons noticed either. I think he was pre-occupied with how much fun we were having, he was an awesome waiter. I felt compelled to leave a yarn bomb there, since it's been a favorite spot for over 10 years now...AND it was Sugar's birthday. I thought about this at the last minute and was totally unprepared, not even a scrap of yarn in the car or a hook. Stopped by the Walmart on the way over though, their hook selection was pathetic, actually had to get a Tunisian crochet hook (always wanted to learn that anyways). Did the trick though. At least they had yarn in her favorite color.