Monday, March 21, 2011

My hands have been busy stitching, finishing up the last of my custom orders just a few weeks ago. I am now trying to focus on the gift I had intended to finish by Christmas, (so many custom orders prevented me from working on it much at all) my mother’s specially requested king sized bed spread. It’s a little more than half done at this point, and so beautiful. I wish I could keep it for myself. She also requested pillow shams…we’ll see. There are A LOT of squares still left to be completed…all the same color. I’d like to finish this so I can have complete creative freedom and hopefully get a few new patterns done for this coming fall. When I have a big project like this that I’m trying to complete, I like to listen to audio books along the way. The last couple I listened to were re-visits of a couple of old favorites that I had actually read many years ago, so I purchased them on cds and listened from my mp3 player. I’m presently listening to a book I’ve owned, but haven’t taken the time to read (my text version is 1,138 pages), from a favorite author. Stephen King’s It. Based on the customer reviews, I had to get it and make this my next long listen since it was FINALLY available on audio. The narrator (Steven Weber) is superb! And I’ve heard some truly awful narrators. I’m about half way into the story right now, and I already know it will be a new favorite.

Other than that, I finally finished preparing my flower beds for spring. I widened the front bed and created another on the opposite side using the lasagna method. I also used hypertufa stones to border the beds. Since my Rosemary plant is flourishing, I plan to plant a few more favorite herbs in front along with some perennials. I'm pretty excited about selecting them. I also created a raised bed in the back/side of my house which I intend to use as a salad garden. I'm a little nervous about the "critters" that I may discovery, but I am arming myself with some gardening weapons and working on my courage also. Looking at all my little sprouts inside just aching to get outside in the new bed is helping. I want to see them thrive. We'll see how it goes.