Thursday, March 23, 2006


4 jobs I’ve had in my life:
Daycare director
Krispy Kreme donut maker
Wal-Mart Shoe Department
Legal Assistant/Paralegal

4 movies I can watch over and over:
I love movies and I'm sure I could name more than 4, but these are the first that come to mind:
How to Make an American Quilt
Brown Sugar
Butterflies are Free

4 TV shows I love to watch:
A Haunting (or any show about true ghost sitings, investigations and the paranormal)
Sex and the City (still)
Good Times (still)
Everybody Loves Raymond (started watching the reruns and I love it, it's really funny)

4 places I have lived:
Columbus Georgia
Darmstadt Germany
Monterey California
Anchorage Alaska

4 places I have been on holiday:
Atlanta Georgia
New Orleans
Columbia South Carolina

4 of my favorite dishes:
Chicken quesadillas with rice and beans
jerk chicken
apple crisp with walnuts
grilled salmon with roasted garlic seasoning and rice

4 websites I visit daily:*
I've been finding it hard to find time to get on the net lately...
Yahoo & Google

4 places I would rather be right now:
Since I'm at work blogging right now, this is easy:
At Home crocheting and watching a good movie
On a cruise ship to just about anywhere
Having drinks with a few girlfriends
In Lennox Lewis' arms (ha!)

4 fiber-bloggers I am tagging:
I don't really know how to officially "tag" someone, so let's just say, if you're reading this now, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!

I've been in my house almost 2 years now without a dining room table and chairs, a co-worker sold me this nice antique set (the leaves are not in, but imagine that there are 2 and this table can seat about 8 people) for a whopping $150.  I couldn't pass that up, even if I decided to sell it myself, I know I can get more than that for it.  I love it though!

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I love Spring!

Here is a photo of the Rhubard that's coming up in my yard.  It didn't do so well last year because I failed to water and nurture it as it should have been....maybe I'll get my green thumb this year, looks like I have a second chance and perhaps later this year, some Apple Rhubarb crisp.

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Crooked Knitting

Most times when I try to knit, I end up inadvertently increasing or decreasing if I am not sure to count each stitch after each row.  But I noticed I usually do this with Red Heart Symphony yarn, it's a challenge for me to knit with, but I love crocheting with it.  Good thing this is just for my freeform wall hanging, so I'm not too discouraged.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm back...for now

Yeah, I's been forever since I blogged. I guess I haven't really wanted to post everything that has been happening with me since there is a reader in particular that I am especially aware of now, so now it seems that my words are carefully chosen.

Me and William have once again decided to get back together. This was not an easy decision for me. I truly had moved on...remember Kelvin? Well, I should have know from him misrepresenting himself from the start that he was a shadey person. He continued to be somewhat deceitful, and it was making me mad that he thought I was so dumb that I wouldn't see it, or if I saw it, I would just dismiss it....I THINK NOT. Not to sound callous, but let's just call it like it is, he served his purpose...REBOUND BOYFRIEND! Thanks! William however has really been spending a lot of time convincing me that I am the one for him and that he's ready to make a real committment to me. Call me crazy, but I'm starting to believe him, he's never done as much talking as he has now and he's really opening up in a way that I've never seen him before.

I haven't been particulary crafty lately...a little crocheting....a little knitting (and I do mean very little). I am inspired though to create a dress or skirt and actually got to work on it a little yesterday in the waiting room of the doctor's office. I've got to go back tomorrow for one more seems that I have a 2.9 cm cyst on an ovary. Hopefully they will just remove it and that will be that!