Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm officially addicted

I LOVE felting! Even William was amazed at the process. I've made two more bags that I plan to give as gifts. I've been terribly busy crocheting lately...practically every evening. Christmas is in a few days and I've got a list of mostly hats and scarves to complete before then...probably a couple more purses if I can make the time, and then a felted purse for myself. Here are the other two. I did write out a simple pattern and would love to post it here if someone could help me posting a pdf file here.

Monday, December 11, 2006

First Felted Purse

I did it, my first real felted project, outside of the little mp3 case holder I made, but that yarn felted differently since it was thick and thin in. I decided to try my hand at making a purse for myself after seeing a woman’s green felted bag in Michael’s. I also needed a break from the never-ending scarves that I’ve been making to sell and for Christmas presents (I’ll have to post photos of the beret and scarf set I’m making for the neices). Anyways, back to the purse, I don’t know why I doubted that this would felt. In my opinion, this felt like some plain ol’ regular red heart yarn to me, so needless to say, I had my doubts on whether or not it would even felt. I used half double crochets for the entire purse and made the handles with 3 strands of yarn and just made a really long chain stitch, wove it through and tied it in a semi-neat knot on the gusset. You have no idea how surprised I was when the wash cycle was done and I took it out, I actually gasped out loud. Next time I’ll add a little pocket on the gusset for a cell phone and maybe one on the inside, and also some sort of toggle closure, but I think I can still add this.. I don’t plan on lining it. I absolutely love the way it turned out and can’t wait to get my hands on more wool.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eve of Thanksgiving

I am actually taking a break from crocheting...crocheting what you ask...scarves of course...tons of them. I have several orders for scarves from work, and possibly a large one coming in from a friend's college classmates (we'll see how that pans out...hopefully good, I could use the extra money this time of year).

Today was pretty nice, I only worked three hours, got my Christmas bonus and went shopping for a few items to make Thanksgiving dinner for me and William. Of course, I'll do the big dinner tomorrow with family, but I decided to cook my own dinner on Friday. My menu includes: Apricot-Glazed Cornish Hens; Cornbread Dressing, Cranberry sauce; Macaroni and Cheese; Carmelized Brussels Sprouts with Sunflowers (don't gag thinking about it, we both love brussels anyway);Yeast rolls; Collard Greens; Yam casserole; Cherry congealed salad and Pecan pie bars. Just typing that I'm thinking that's a lot for me and William, but it's a long weekend so I'm sure it'll be fine. I had to get recipes for just about everything. That tells you how often I cook from scatch.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Ha! Another post!

Before I stray too long, I decided to post while I was browsing other blogs. I'm fighting to type right now because Baloo is nudging my hands, begging for affection, so bear with me. I'm wondering if anyone even reads this thing, so I'll feel free to ramble for a sec.
I can't believe it's already November and I haven't started crocheting any gifts. I just have a few hat and scarf sets to make, and maybe a purse or three. I am inspired by a lot of designer purses I see in magazines. They are inspiring me to create a design for one, I'd really like it to be felted also. Who knows, I might get a gift out of it that I don't have to pay for! I'm just a bit intimidated by wool and the sizing issue when it comes to felting. And why is it so expensive? I'm afraid of doing hours of work, tossing it in the washer and coming out with something suitable for a doll. I'd feel really ripped off. I guess that's where "gauge" must come in (yikes).
Anyways...I think I'll go and try to decide on some yarn for that purse I was talking about...or maybe for a scarf.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wow, two posts in a week, I’m on a roll. Decided to share a photo of a project I did a couple of months ago. I needed a little cozy for my mp3 player since I toss it in my purse daily and take it to work with me. I saw some Ipod Nano knit cozies and thought they were really cute. For those of us who don’t have an Ipod, you know that it is nearly impossible to find cool accessories for your mp3 player. So I tried my hand at it…this was also my first attempt at felting. I really lucked out and the little case came out exactly the right size that I needed. I only need to add a little button, but seeing as though its been a couple months, I’m sure you think that button is never gonna make it on the cozy. I used some wool yarn that someone sent me, it was thick and thin yarn so I was curious to see how that would felt…it has a very interesting texture to it, sort of thin and lacy in spots and thick in others, and serves it purpose well with all the junk in my purse.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Yoga / Pilates Mat Bag

I decided to get in gear and start working out regularly (Cardio & Pilates)...This is week 3 and I'm down 5 pounds. I am really enjoying Pilates and had my first class in public last week. Can't wait to go back today. I cringe at the thought of using a public mat though, I know how sweaty I was after finishing step and heading straight into Pilates (as more than half of the class did). I just don't want to lie there sweaty on top of someone else's sweat, but I needed a yoga mat bag to carry mine in from home. So, why not try to make one? And I did. I am so thrilled with how it came out. After a couple of failed attempts to make the sleeve (which is essentially what it is)...I decided to crochet it in long rows rather than in the round. For some reason, it seemed to be too wide and sloppy looking the other way. I made a drawstring closure which also serves as the shoulder strap. The only thing I would do differently is to line it, it doesn't slide in very easily and I have to pull the bag over the mat like a sock. I plan to write the pattern up and post it (a freebie since it's so simple) if anyone is interested in making their own. All you do is crochet a circle (for the bottom of the bag) just round enough and set it aside....then crochet a chain a little longer than the length of the mat, hdc in each stitch across until it easily wraps around the mat. I then crocheted the seam with a sl stitch and turned it inside out so the seam wouldn't show. When I crocheted the circle to the bottom of the sleeve, I did so on the right side of the work so that the seam would show and give the bottom of the bag more shape. With 4 strands of yarn together, I made a really long chain stitch, weaved in it through the opening and tied it in a secure opening near the side seam securely. And ta-da, you're done! I still may line it, this should be very fast and simple to do. The entire bag is crochet with two strands held together and crocheting in the front of the stitch only throughout, this will give you a ribbed effect.This bag would make a great gift too.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Organizing or procrastinating?

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Instead of working on the skirt that I intended to wear today to an event (which I'm no longer going to), I spent a couple of evenings cleaning out the garage and organizing my yarn stash. I have more yarn than I think I could ever use...unless I get to work creating and designing.

My Sunflowers

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They actually bloomed!  I will definately plant more sunflowers next year, they're amazing!

Friday, July 14, 2006

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TGIF! I found a home for the girl puppy and she was picked up last night. Her new name is “LOLA”, she has a wonderful new home where she will be an inside dog and have two boys ages 7 and 10. So needless to say I am thrilled. The little boy that we were calling “OBELE” turned up missing Monday morning. I am 99% sure that some teenager that I saw riding his bike took him. I was outside trying to get a good photo of the pups on Sunday night when I saw him riding his bike by my house. I asked him if he know of anyone who wanted a free puppy, at the time he didn’t but he came back and asked what kind they were, so I went into the whole spill about how I didn’t know and that they were left in my yard and that I was caring for them on my screened in deck (so he knew where they were). The next morning he was gone. I am just hoping that he has a good home too. I was really disturbed that someone would come creeping into my backyard (which is unlit) at night and just take the dog, I mean, I DID say they were free, he didn’t have to steal him!

Sunday, July 9, 2006


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What a weekend!

Friday morning, just before heading out to work, I was pushing the garbage to the curb when I discovered that someone had left two puppies (a boy and girl) in my yard. They were really small, probably barely 6 weeks old and damp from the dew in the grass. One was clearly a runt and short haired, he looks like a jet black chihuha (sp). His ribs were showing and he looked up at me and then layed his head down in the grass. I knew I had to help him fast, all I could imagine was seeing him in the same spot when I got home, only not breathing. The other was a bit healthier, a bit larger, but still tiny and also jet black but long haired. She was looking up at me, sitting up. They both have huge puppy dog eyes (of course), and both jet black. I put them in a cardboard box and took them to my deck (screened in and covered) least they would be somewhat protected from the elements. All I had on hand that I thought they could eat was some soft cat food. THEY INHALED IT! They were dehydrated as well, so I made sure to leave them with water to drink and layed a towel down after drying them off with it.

What makes me angry about the situation is that I'm sure that someone probably just placed them in my yard and shirked their responsibility completely. I mean, have your pets spayed or neutered already if you're ready to deal with the possibility of puppies! Now I feel it's my responsibilty to care for these puppies and find them a home. On the other hand, I feel like its a test, divine intervention which completely makes sense to me on a personal level. This is a huge responsibility that I didn't ask for. I'm getting the run-around from the Humane Society and Animial, various animal hospitals...basically, this is my responsibility and I don't have the heart to abandon these babies. They didn't ask for this in the few weeks of their existence (couldnt' be more than 5-6 weeks) and their eyes have been thanking me for saving their lives, I know they're grateful, especially the runt, I'm sure I saved his life, he wouldn't have made it. In a way, I'm glad they have each other, the little one wouldn't have made it without the girl. But in the last couple of day, I am noticing some weight gain on him, I was concerned about it, but he's definately gained a little weight just since Friday and I know he'll be alright as long as someone is caring for him.

I took a few photos and plan on sending a company wide email to try and find them a home. I'm sure they're a small breed, they have tiny little paws. William and I have been calling the little one "OBELE" (Oh-be-le) which means little in Igbo, William's Nigerian tribe language. I may actually end up keeping him if I can't find him a home, but I'm so afraid of Baloo's reaction to him and if that will work with trying to housebreak a puppy and dealing with Baloo peeing on the futon in rebellion...remember he starting doing that after two cats came to live with us along with a friend for two months. He hasn't been the same since, we have "incidents" every now and then. He's heard them only, they've been out on the deck and I'm trying not to get too attached. I go out there a few times just to pet them a bit (which they love) so they won't be afraid of human interaction. I took them to a friends house Saturday afternoon and they were held and petted all afternoon and were so sweet (I may have a home for the girl...keep your fingers crossed).

If you're reading this, please send out a little prayer for me that I find good homes for these puppies.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Nadia Bolero Jacket

Yes, believe it! A crochet-related blog entry! I actually picked up the dusty crochet hook and COMPLETED an original project! I completed it Sunday night and just finished writing the pattern out (for the most part) last night. It works up pretty quickly. I like the yarn I used, which is some I purchased on Ebay on the cone, it feels light and drapey, perfect for over a sundress or with jeans. Thanks Deanna for modeling it for me.

Friday, June 16, 2006

B.S. Blog Entry

Just sitting here at work eating lunch and waiting on my boss to return so we can file a brief and hopefully, leave early today. Our office is closing at 3:00 because they are blocking the streets off around us for CITY STAGES the big music festival here in Birmingham. Only a few of the bands seem to appeal to me, not worth the ticket prices and the heat for me though. My fun-filled weekend plans include babysitting (my sister is on a cruise) my neices and nephew. They are always so excited when they get to come over, and tonight they get to spend the night. So we're going to hit Blockbuster Video and maybe Pizza Hut tonight and tomorrow they are excited about getting to run in my sprinklers (I needed to water the grass anyways).

Just got the brief, ready to file, I might just be outta here!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hooked on Gardening???

So, this is what she's been up to instead of crocheting and designing patterns. I can blame the yardwork to a certain extent. This is the bed I made in the backyard a few weeks ago, it's amazing how much growth I have already compared to this photo. I find myself getting more into the gardening thing now and actually know the names of certain plants! I've even picked up an earthworm (not with my bare hands of course)! My mother came by (she has an amazing green thumb) and she was quite impressed with my choice of plants, the fact that they were planted in the correct conditions and just how the rocks turned out around the bed, and isn't that what's its really about anyways, the approval of our mothers...just kidding, but it did make me feel good.

I haven't completely abandoned crochet though. I saw a shrug that inspired me to pick up my hook and yarn last night and I'm eager to get home to work on it (after watering the plants). I brought it in to work with me hoping to steal a few minutes and get a few rows done. So far, it's still sitting in the bag next to me. I should take a photo and give you a sneak peek.

Monday, May 8, 2006

Me and William before leaving the hotel room in Atlanta.

Stress = Closeness?

Well, in this case, a stressful situation did actually bring me and William closer. He was supposed to fly out on Cinco de Mayo headed towards Nigeria for a short while (business not pleasure). William was flying out of Atlanta which is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away. Long story short, he missed his plane and his rental car was impounded! He rented a second car and came home to get me. We are both severely navigationally challenged and driving in Atlanta can be hectic and extremely confusing, especially for someone with this type of challenge afflicting them. WE DID IT to the police station, obtained the release, then made it to the place where the cars are kept (which wasn't that close by), and then back to the airport to turn in one of the cars. I had to keep reminding myself how I would want someone to act if I were in that situation so I tried to sooth his nerves even though mine were turn, he did the same for me, we really had to lean on each other and it seemed to bring us so close. I ended up getting us a hotel room and we went out to dinner to unwind after what seemed an entire Saturday of stress. We had planned on getting up and going to Six Flaggs before heading back to Birmingham, but it was raining. So we had a leisurely breakfast and hit the road. He'll be leaving on Wednesday and I'm planning on driving him this time to see him off. But I don't think I've felt closer to him since we've gotten back together. It's nice knowing that someone genuinely has your back. I'm sure he knows I have his too.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


4 jobs I’ve had in my life:
Daycare director
Krispy Kreme donut maker
Wal-Mart Shoe Department
Legal Assistant/Paralegal

4 movies I can watch over and over:
I love movies and I'm sure I could name more than 4, but these are the first that come to mind:
How to Make an American Quilt
Brown Sugar
Butterflies are Free

4 TV shows I love to watch:
A Haunting (or any show about true ghost sitings, investigations and the paranormal)
Sex and the City (still)
Good Times (still)
Everybody Loves Raymond (started watching the reruns and I love it, it's really funny)

4 places I have lived:
Columbus Georgia
Darmstadt Germany
Monterey California
Anchorage Alaska

4 places I have been on holiday:
Atlanta Georgia
New Orleans
Columbia South Carolina

4 of my favorite dishes:
Chicken quesadillas with rice and beans
jerk chicken
apple crisp with walnuts
grilled salmon with roasted garlic seasoning and rice

4 websites I visit daily:*
I've been finding it hard to find time to get on the net lately...
Yahoo & Google

4 places I would rather be right now:
Since I'm at work blogging right now, this is easy:
At Home crocheting and watching a good movie
On a cruise ship to just about anywhere
Having drinks with a few girlfriends
In Lennox Lewis' arms (ha!)

4 fiber-bloggers I am tagging:
I don't really know how to officially "tag" someone, so let's just say, if you're reading this now, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!

I've been in my house almost 2 years now without a dining room table and chairs, a co-worker sold me this nice antique set (the leaves are not in, but imagine that there are 2 and this table can seat about 8 people) for a whopping $150.  I couldn't pass that up, even if I decided to sell it myself, I know I can get more than that for it.  I love it though!

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I love Spring!

Here is a photo of the Rhubard that's coming up in my yard.  It didn't do so well last year because I failed to water and nurture it as it should have been....maybe I'll get my green thumb this year, looks like I have a second chance and perhaps later this year, some Apple Rhubarb crisp.

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Crooked Knitting

Most times when I try to knit, I end up inadvertently increasing or decreasing if I am not sure to count each stitch after each row.  But I noticed I usually do this with Red Heart Symphony yarn, it's a challenge for me to knit with, but I love crocheting with it.  Good thing this is just for my freeform wall hanging, so I'm not too discouraged.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm back...for now

Yeah, I's been forever since I blogged. I guess I haven't really wanted to post everything that has been happening with me since there is a reader in particular that I am especially aware of now, so now it seems that my words are carefully chosen.

Me and William have once again decided to get back together. This was not an easy decision for me. I truly had moved on...remember Kelvin? Well, I should have know from him misrepresenting himself from the start that he was a shadey person. He continued to be somewhat deceitful, and it was making me mad that he thought I was so dumb that I wouldn't see it, or if I saw it, I would just dismiss it....I THINK NOT. Not to sound callous, but let's just call it like it is, he served his purpose...REBOUND BOYFRIEND! Thanks! William however has really been spending a lot of time convincing me that I am the one for him and that he's ready to make a real committment to me. Call me crazy, but I'm starting to believe him, he's never done as much talking as he has now and he's really opening up in a way that I've never seen him before.

I haven't been particulary crafty lately...a little crocheting....a little knitting (and I do mean very little). I am inspired though to create a dress or skirt and actually got to work on it a little yesterday in the waiting room of the doctor's office. I've got to go back tomorrow for one more seems that I have a 2.9 cm cyst on an ovary. Hopefully they will just remove it and that will be that!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kelli keeping warm

Kelli Scarr (of the band Moonraker....check them out) wearing one of the hats I made her.

These are the tulips that William sent me for Valentine's Day. We never really "celebrated" this day in the past, but I think he wanted to surprise me (and he did).

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Work it Grandma!

Grandma called me when I got home yesterday asking if I had had a chance to make the red hat she asked me for last week. Well, it had completely slipped my mind and I felt horrible. I asked her when she needed it and she said Wednesday for a Valentines dance she was going to at a senior's center. So I hung up the phone, went to my yarn stash and came across some TLC Amore yarn in two shades of red and frantically went to work making the tam. About 1 1/2 hours after that, I went to work on a scarf to match and to make myself feel better about forgetting the hat in the first place. I took it by her place after work and she LOVED it, it looked so cute on her, perfect fit and everything. My mother, who had been over the night she called and learned I had forgotten, went by and saw the set. She felt compelled to call since I'm sure she talked about me not making the hat in the first place. She was shocked that I had made time to make the set for her and she said she loved the yarn and colors (that'll teach you to talk about people mom!).

Monday, February 6, 2006

Here is a picture of a pair of glasses I chose offline. What do you think?

Sunday, February 5, 2006

First of all, thanks Deneen for sending me the wonderful shawl. The photos do not do it justice. I really like the yarn you chose, it's so soft and the colors are so funky. It's funny that when it arrived (Saturday), it went perfectly with what I was wearing so I wore it for the rest of the day. It fits perfectly, I love it.

Deneen also sent the coolest little orange (I love orange) pouch, that rolls out and had some really nice stitch markers in it. Brilliant idea Deneen, so convenient!

I finally broke down and went to see an eye doctor on Saturday morning. It has been quite a while since I've had my vision checked, and I've been having some problems. Well, it looks like I should be wearing glasses...all the time now! I know this is going to take some getting used to. I'll probably feel very self conscious at first, like I"m wearing a costume or something. I'm eager to get my glasses to see if I really see better though, that'll be nice.

The weatherman is talking of the chance of wintery weather for tomorrow morning. I know that tomorrow will be a very hectic day, we've got a deadline at work, and I know that it'll probably just blow over my area as usual and I'll be making that familiar Monday morning drive tomorrow, but the kid in me is hoping I'll wake up to snow on the ground and the morning news team announcing closings. I'm going to put out some positive wintry thoughts anyways.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Symphony Sweater

I finished it. This is the sweater I made using Red Hart Symphony yarn. This sweater is pretty lightweight, yet warm and super soft.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Girl's Night In

I had my sister, Carolyn, Sindy and Sugar over last night for a girls night in. It was cold and raining and perfect for something like this. I've got a slight headache now from last night, all the laughter, wine and good food. I'm definately moving slowly this morning. I thought about going to the track, but it is bitter cold out there and windy, so perhaps I'll get motivated enough to do some sort of exercise inside today besides crocheting and changing the chanels. I've been working on a sweater for myself...well working on seems the wrong way to describe it since it's been sitting in my room untouched all week. I'm going to try to get to it this weekend so I'll actually have a crochet post with photos. It is coming along nicely though.