Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day Sale - 15% YAY!!!

What a rare treat I have today! Snow fell on Alabama…and ICE, so NO WORK TODAY…yippee!

William and I were ill prepared for the storm because we had been immersed in a home renovation project that took a while longer than expected. A newly renovated office (laminate floors, paint, new desk, etc.) and new floors in the kitchen.

This is the first morning that we were able to sit at our new workspace, clad in pj’s and sipping hazelnut coffee…the beautiful snowy view from the patio was like the reward for all the hard work.

I my giddy-snow day-hookey day tone, I suggested him… “You should have a snow day sale today”. He chuckled, and I think he dismissed me because he continued doing whatever it was he was doing. I reminded him that he never paid up on the bet that he lost wherein he stated LAST MONDAY, “This floor will be done TODAY.” He sheepishly looked at me again. “You owe me…AND you had ALL WEEK and still didn’t deliver what you promised on Monday”. So…long story a little shorter, my husband will be providing 15% off your purchase of tree branch and exotic wood buttons today . These buttons look so great on hand knit and crochet items.

His shop can be found here:
Please use Coupon Code JAN10SNOWDAY to receive your 15% off today only!