Friday, September 14, 2012

Yarn Bombs Galore!

Okay…it’s been another long hiatus between blog entries, but this definitely merits mentioning here. I’m still recovering from last week’s events. What events? Well…I had the largest yarn bomb that I have created featured at the Birmingham Museum of Art. An entire car…well, probably one of the smallest cars available, but still! The event was called Art on the Rocks, which is a fun event that they put on in the summer months. It was the last Art on the Rocks event, right before the Andy Warhol exhibit was scheduled to leave. The design of the yarn bomb was inspired by Andy Warhol’s vibrant use of color, and The Rainbow Fish. To my surprise, I even ended up on the FRONT PAGE of The Birmingham News! You will rarely see my photo, since I’m horribly unphotogenic (is that a word?)…and I even tried to convince the newspaper reporter that he could focus on the car and that I didn’t really feel comfortable being photographed, that I would end up being embarrassed by it and I didn’t want to feel that way after all of the work that went into the piece. Long story short, two of my friends that were there convinced me to take the photo with the car, and I did it quickly just to get it over with and hoped for the best. I didn’t HATE the photo, which is saying a lot. I took the entire week off work so that I could focus on this project. This was my "week of living like a full time artist". I thought it would be relaxing, but I was so filled with anxiety and stayed so stressed trying to finish everything. There were nights where I didn't get more than a couple hours of sleep and I still feel like I'm exhausted, but have been on a crochet break this week. I've never felt so under the gun, but I was so pleased that so many people got a chance to see it.
There were a few other pieces sprinkled around the museum the entire weekend, and I did a live yarn bombing on Thursday installing the “CREATE” piece on the stairwell and a really long installment on the hand railing. I also got to display my “CAROUSEL HORSE” yarn bomb that I completed last year for the first time in public. It was featured on a Fox 6 News. JeJe Pruitt wanted to speak with me on camera (live), but I just could not bring myself to do that. I felt like I would have said something stupid, or become overwhelmed with emotion and just started crying…I just had a feeling I would have embarrassed myself and asked Carrie Montgomery to speak on my behalf. She is so at ease in front on the cameras and she did a great job.
I also need to add a photo of the yarn bomb I did to Miss Fancy in Avondale Park (Birmingham, Alabama).