Sunday, February 25, 2007

After meeting a few weeks to celebrate Pandora's new job, a few of my friends and I decided that we should really get together more often. Here's some of them posing for a pic. Everyone is not in this shot, but this is one of the few that isn't blurred, I guess wine and photography don't really mix with a fairly new digital camera. But aren't they cute?!

Ladie's Night In!

After meeting for Sushi to celebrate Pandora's new job, some of us decided that we should get together more often. Here we are Friday night at my place. Everyone is not in this photo, but aren't they cute?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gettin' my crochet hustle on

Has it been nearly a month since my last entry??? Wow, I have been totally immersed in yarn though, getting through my second Stained Glass Window Afghan (which has already sold). Only one (or two...not sure) more panels to go now. I've got an order for two more, so that will really help with the stash busting efforts and a little extra cash towards wedding expenses. I must admit, the afghans are really amazing with novelty yarns, I want to make myself another and maybe donate my existing one. I will probably be getting a king sized bed eventually (went shopping for some this weekend in Atlanta), so I am lacking bedding. I'm completely covered with orders right now and I'd like to see a new project in the works soon. I've still got this picture of a dress in my head and I'd like to get it completed by spring...stemming from the incomplete skirt pattern I started last summer and never finished.