Monday, March 19, 2007

Successful Teaching

Here are some photos from last weekend. I taught Ordra and her mother how to crochet, they are creating their first chain stitches. I had expected one more, but she couldn't make it. I explained how learning to hold the hook and yarn was the hardest part of learning to crochet. Both of them seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. We worked on an easy wool purse done entirely in half double crochets. I thought the repetition of the stitch would be a good way to get comfortable with crocheting and they both wanted to make a purse. So hopefully they'll be so pleased with their finished product that they'll keep on crocheting and learning more about the craft. Ordra even got comfortable enough that she was able to use her cell phone while crocheting. Pandora (who has been crocheting for years...she is working on a hat in the photo) and I got a laugh out of that.