Monday, October 11, 2004


Why does it always seem like it's Monday? I would love to be at home right now working on my growing list of custom crochet items. I had Julia, Journey and Joshua (neices & nephew) spend the night on Friday and we carved pumpkins on Saturday, played Alien Autopsy (like operation), and watched scary movies while I completed a custom poncho. They had a blast, but I was exhausted Sunday and didn't get much done. I was a little disappointed with the poncho, I feel like I made it too big, but I am told that the girl that I am making it for will make two of me, and I'm a size large. We'll see, I'll let her look at it before I reluctantly start taking it apart. I don't have anymore of the beautiful mohair blend yarn that I used, and there is no sense in letting it go to waste sitting in my closet never to be worn. I should post a photo, but I am new to this blog thing and can't seem to figure it out.

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