Monday, November 22, 2004

Hooray! Short Work Week!

I am so glad that this week will be short, Thanksgiving is Thursday! Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. My list of custom crochet orders is steadily growing. I had a wonderfully relaxing rainy weekend of crocheting and watching movies this weekend. I went by Wal-Mart to pick up more fun fur and boa yarn and the selection was scarce, this stuff must really be popular for the holidays. I will have to make a stop at another location on my lunch hour today, and hopefully I will find what I need to finish a few more small projects. The $$$ is pretty good, especially for the scarves since they don't take long to complete the long skinny ones, it's the yarn that it expensive. My laundry is piling up and the housework did not get done this weekend. I am putting together another package for my 2 secret pals. Julia (my neice) helped me with part of it the other day when we were both out sick. She is so funny to be 8 years old, she gave me a lecture on "Standing up for myself and taking pride in my work" when I mentioned giving someone a discounted price on a pair of scarves. She told me, "I don't care if they are your boss or your best friend, don't give them the cheapies......look at that poncho Aunt can't buy that in the store.....THAT IS YOUR TIME....because this world, will step on you." From the mouths of babes. I sat and taught her how to crochet and took her to Michael's to buy her a canvas bag that she decorated to carry her yarn and hook in. I wanted to teach her how to make a simple scarf, and she is learning the double crochet. I will need to work with her a little more, but she has mastered the chain stitch and holds the yarn, work and hook correctly, which in my opinion is the hardest hurdle to cross in learning to crochet. My computer is still down at home and I think I'm going to have to buy another one, then I can start posting photos to my boring blog page.

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