Friday, February 18, 2005


I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I sent off my poncho/shawl to my Crochetville swap partner, I really hope she likes it. I made one of the Cecilia De Bucourt type shawls (which is my favorite shawl to make) using a really nice rayon boucle yarn in a denim blue color. There is very little of that yarn left, not enough to make myself one, I still haven't gotten around to making myself one of those shawls. Kristy (co-worker) who has been crocheting for maybe 2 years now, is making me one in a light ice blue color, but she is using the Solomon's knot pattern which drives me nuts. I can not figure out that stitch to save my life, and I warned her that she may want to pull her hair out trying to figure it out. She called me at about 10:00 one night, so excited because she figured it out. She is going to show me how next week (and she is so delighted that she knows something in crochet that I don't and that she will have to teach me for a change). I told her to hurry up with that shawl, I am going to wear light blue on Monday so it'll match.

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