Thursday, June 2, 2005

A year older...yikes!

I celebrated my 34th birthday on the 29th. It was a rainy Sunday, which was perfect. I was so exhausted from the cookout that I had on the 28th. Me and William (yeah, we have decided to try to work things out) chilled all day, it was really nice. I have lots of family coming in this week for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. I am dreading the inevitable question, "When are you getting married"? I just want to strangle people when they ask me questions like that...I want to come up with a response that will let them know how much I hate it like maybe...I'll be sure to put the date on the invitations...or.... when we're ready!

I haven't been crocheting much lately, since me and William have been on a very rocky point in our relationship, I haven't wanted to much, only a few custom orders for shawls and flip flops. The last week or so has been much better and I made myself a Bolero sweater, it only took a couple of evenings, I will have to post a photo later.

I am still working on the knitting. I did a few more rows last night on my scarf. I am determined to finish it, it is nearly half way done. It's funny how I could have finished a ton of crochet scarves at this point. I tried to purl, this didn't go well and I ended up frogging it which was really scary, but I was able to pick up a knit row and continue on with the "garter stitch". I will just take it one step at a time, maybe my next scarf will have purl stitches in it.

Baloo has not been himself lately...he's still the sweetest cat, but he has been doing "his business" right outside of the litterbox some. I had to put down paper! I decided I should take him to the vet, it was time for a checkup anyways. There was no sign of anything wrong, they had to TAKE a sample from him, he didn't care for this much. They gave him his rabies shot and another mystery shot. They didn't bother telling me that he may have a reaction to the shot, I guess they thought, well, she'll find out. Before I got home, he was sick and for a while after we got home, he was just lying around barely moving, he even let me wash him off with baby wipes (not like him at all). He seems much better in the last few days, and he hasn't had anymore accidents. I am thinking maybe it was because William had moved out. William works the night shift and is with him during most days. William has been around seldomly during the day, but not like he used to be. I think he missed him as much as I did.

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