Sunday, July 9, 2006

What a weekend!

Friday morning, just before heading out to work, I was pushing the garbage to the curb when I discovered that someone had left two puppies (a boy and girl) in my yard. They were really small, probably barely 6 weeks old and damp from the dew in the grass. One was clearly a runt and short haired, he looks like a jet black chihuha (sp). His ribs were showing and he looked up at me and then layed his head down in the grass. I knew I had to help him fast, all I could imagine was seeing him in the same spot when I got home, only not breathing. The other was a bit healthier, a bit larger, but still tiny and also jet black but long haired. She was looking up at me, sitting up. They both have huge puppy dog eyes (of course), and both jet black. I put them in a cardboard box and took them to my deck (screened in and covered) least they would be somewhat protected from the elements. All I had on hand that I thought they could eat was some soft cat food. THEY INHALED IT! They were dehydrated as well, so I made sure to leave them with water to drink and layed a towel down after drying them off with it.

What makes me angry about the situation is that I'm sure that someone probably just placed them in my yard and shirked their responsibility completely. I mean, have your pets spayed or neutered already if you're ready to deal with the possibility of puppies! Now I feel it's my responsibilty to care for these puppies and find them a home. On the other hand, I feel like its a test, divine intervention which completely makes sense to me on a personal level. This is a huge responsibility that I didn't ask for. I'm getting the run-around from the Humane Society and Animial, various animal hospitals...basically, this is my responsibility and I don't have the heart to abandon these babies. They didn't ask for this in the few weeks of their existence (couldnt' be more than 5-6 weeks) and their eyes have been thanking me for saving their lives, I know they're grateful, especially the runt, I'm sure I saved his life, he wouldn't have made it. In a way, I'm glad they have each other, the little one wouldn't have made it without the girl. But in the last couple of day, I am noticing some weight gain on him, I was concerned about it, but he's definately gained a little weight just since Friday and I know he'll be alright as long as someone is caring for him.

I took a few photos and plan on sending a company wide email to try and find them a home. I'm sure they're a small breed, they have tiny little paws. William and I have been calling the little one "OBELE" (Oh-be-le) which means little in Igbo, William's Nigerian tribe language. I may actually end up keeping him if I can't find him a home, but I'm so afraid of Baloo's reaction to him and if that will work with trying to housebreak a puppy and dealing with Baloo peeing on the futon in rebellion...remember he starting doing that after two cats came to live with us along with a friend for two months. He hasn't been the same since, we have "incidents" every now and then. He's heard them only, they've been out on the deck and I'm trying not to get too attached. I go out there a few times just to pet them a bit (which they love) so they won't be afraid of human interaction. I took them to a friends house Saturday afternoon and they were held and petted all afternoon and were so sweet (I may have a home for the girl...keep your fingers crossed).

If you're reading this, please send out a little prayer for me that I find good homes for these puppies.

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