Monday, November 6, 2006

Ha! Another post!

Before I stray too long, I decided to post while I was browsing other blogs. I'm fighting to type right now because Baloo is nudging my hands, begging for affection, so bear with me. I'm wondering if anyone even reads this thing, so I'll feel free to ramble for a sec.
I can't believe it's already November and I haven't started crocheting any gifts. I just have a few hat and scarf sets to make, and maybe a purse or three. I am inspired by a lot of designer purses I see in magazines. They are inspiring me to create a design for one, I'd really like it to be felted also. Who knows, I might get a gift out of it that I don't have to pay for! I'm just a bit intimidated by wool and the sizing issue when it comes to felting. And why is it so expensive? I'm afraid of doing hours of work, tossing it in the washer and coming out with something suitable for a doll. I'd feel really ripped off. I guess that's where "gauge" must come in (yikes).
Anyways...I think I'll go and try to decide on some yarn for that purse I was talking about...or maybe for a scarf.

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