Thursday, April 19, 2007


Okay, I've been all over the place with crafting. I did manage to get the mystery item completed, only now I'll have to frog part of it and try something else, I'm just not happy with it, but it shouldn't take long. I hate frogging though. I've made about 4 more hypertufa containers that came out really nicely (I'll have to post a picture from home later). My neice had a birthday party and I was the designated craft person, although the weather did not permit us to do that, we were really trying to get the party over with (dealing with approaching storm and lots of wind). I was prepared though, we were going to make polymer clay pens and/or keychains. I practiced the night before and ended up making 3 of each, they're kinda cool. I've got a pair of trousers that I started sewing, only I'm completely confused when it comes to the interfacing of the waistband. And of course I've been trying to do some gardening, preparing my beds and getting the yard in shape. I don't want to be the one to bring down the neighborhood.

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