Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boot Cuffs Preview

An actual new design?! Well...not really a new concept, but I'm seeing these everywhere and wanted a pair of my own. So I created my own version of the boot cuffs. Three different varieties too! From very basic to a little more advanced (but still easy). I'm teaching a beginner crochet class soon and needed fun project in the most basic pattern that could be completed quickly. I thought the boot cuffs were the perfect item and wrote up a basic pattern. I will be offering this pattern for free. NGOZI BOOT CUFFS
The boot cuffs pictured below were going to be used, but I thought that the technique may be confusing for a complete newbie and that something more basic was more appropriate to teach in such a small time frame (3-5 hours). Nonetheless, I loved the way these turned out and started making some for sale in my Etsy shop and a craft festival I'll be doing in about a month. OBIUTO RIBBED BOOT CUFFS
The last pair of boot cuffs I'll preview here is my favorite. Love the stitch pattern and the versatility of being able to wear them either way up and using two colors. It's really like creating 4 cuffs and only actually working 2 cuffs. I think everyone likes the idea of an item that is multi-functional. I've been making these for sale also. They take longer to create than the other two pair, but it is still a quick proejct and your friends will LOVE you for making them a pair! ADAKU CONVERTIBLE BOOT CUFFS


  1. Where is the pattern? It said Free pattern.

    1. That's what I was looking for too.

  2. I would like to try to make these but can not locate the pattern.

  3. where is the pattern link???