Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hump Day Blues

My boss decided to work from home today, so it's really quiet up here. Lots of people are still on vacation, the phones aren't even ringing and the mail is nearly non-existent. I am enjoying looking at other crochet blogs and I'm trying not to get too frustrated that I have no clue how people set up their little lists of other blogs they like to frequent, and things like a directory of finished projects and the like. I would love to have someplace with photos of things I have finished and works in progress, if anyone can help me with this impossible task, please leave a comment or email me. I've finally figured out how to post photos without too much trouble, I'm ready to embark on another daunting task.

The last two days have been pretty non-productive as far as the crochet goes. After all the rush to get my Christmas crocheting done, I have no idea what to make now. I have to opportunity to make something for myself, but told myself I'd take a little carpel tunnel break. It is really weird sitting to watch television with idle hands. I feel like I should be crocheting. I couldn't stand it on Monday, my last vacation day, I sat in my basement studio to relax and watch a couple of movies. I had to made a scarf, I couldn't help myself!

I think I may try to paint or something, or maybe I will make myself another scarf out of the fabulous mohair blend yarn my secret pal sent me and keep this one this time.

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