Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Still busy stitching

I promised Julia two ponchos for her classmates by Monday, well I didn't finish the second (pink) one until Monday night and I dropped them off Tuesday night after work. I still have another purple one for a 9 year old that I am selling to a co-worker that should have been done by Monday, and I only did 6 rows on it last night. I guess I was just tired and needed a break. Even my boyfriend said, "You didn't do anything tonight." I guess he expected a finished product, and I could have, but I guess I just was not in the mood or something, or maybe I am tired of making the same poncho in the same color and same yarn. I've done about 6 of them in purple with the fun fur trim at this point. I'm excited about trying the Divine yarn I got at Michael's this weekend. I have a poncho to make for my best friend in cream. I think it will be really pretty, but I've got to get a few more children's ponchos done before I embark on it because I have until Christmas Eve to finish hers. My boss has asked for 2, and I have creative freedom on color on those two thank goodness, I'm tired of looking at purple. I snagged some boxes from work so that I will be able to mail my secret pals their packages tomorrow. Hilary Denise will find out today that I'm her holiday pal, I don't think that one was a secret. I've got one on the way from my secret pal, her name is Dawn. I visited her blog today and saved it as a favorite place. I also sent her a pattern via email.

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