Thursday, March 31, 2005

Look at Ms. Julia (my neice) in my poncho! She fell in love with it when she saw it, maybe because it matched her outfit that day. This poncho is from my Shawl/Poncho swap partner from Crochetville, TIFFANY. Julia tried to borrow this poncho for school the next day, but I actually wore it with a pair of jeans and a light sweater, it really pulled my outfit together and made me look more dressed up than I felt. I am not sure what type of yarn Tiffany used, perhaps she will post a comment here, but I am guessing some sort of cotton yarn, it is really soft and perfect for spring and summer. I am sure to get a lot of wear out of it. Tiffany also sent me a blue cotton chenille cloth (which I have used already). I've never tried making one of these, but I will definately have to make some, I really like the durability of the cloth. And the color is superb. Thanks Tiffany. Posted by Hello

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