Wednesday, August 3, 2005

First Knit Project Completed

It's been a few days since I've posted, or wanted to do much of anything. I am nursing a broken heart. I've lost an additional 4 pounds in the last couple of days, but I see that as a good thing since I'm going to be dating again (yikes). I am not going to go into this, I'm at work and I am going to try to get through today without a personal pity party or tears, the last couple days of it really sinking in has been horrible enough.

I did it, I actually finished a knit project. I am keeping this scarf "Ms. Purl" for myself since it's my first completed project that is actually functional. I can't wait to wear it. It curls in, but as I read further, stockinette stitch is supposed to do that, so it wasn't a mistake. This was a great project for me, not only did I learn to purl, I learned to frog, to tell which side of the project was knit and purled, and there were some relaxing moments where I felt like I was getting into a knitting groove.

The secret sistah's swap seems to be off to a great start. I got an ecard and some additional questions from my secret sistah. I am bidding on something on Ebay for my secret sistah and I am hoping the bidding doesn't go to high, I am still poor, but I think this will be worth the extra $$$.

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