Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hello Ms. Purl

Last night, after 2 failed attempts to complete a couple more squares, I decided to REALLY frustrate myself and try knitting again. Funny, I am actually doing pretty well. I tried stockinette stitch again, and this time, I did it! I am using a fuzzy boucle yarn in Fawn (the color I want to make the shrug out of) and I have decided that I am going to make a nice scarf for myself...with no fringe.
Baloo is taking his medication with food very well, I'm so proud of my baby. He's been downstairs ever since his last "accident" and I'm a little leery about letting him back upstairs for fear he will return to the scene of the crime and become a repeat offender. Although, I am a little more optomistic about having to find him a new home. I think he really LOVES it downstairs! Especially since I organized the closet below the stairs and put a nice cushion at the very very far end behind some boxes. He took right to it and loves going back there. I make it a point to go down and watch a movie with him each day, he'll climb up into my lap and I'll talk to him and pet him. I think we're still alright with each other. I know he misses going upstairs and I'm hoping we can work that out soon. He has only one pill left, I need to call the vet and get the last replacement pill. He has not done any inappropriate peeing downstairs, I will replace the cushions from the first accident and see if he does this again. If not, I think we're in good shape and the emotional healing can begin.

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