Friday, June 16, 2006

B.S. Blog Entry

Just sitting here at work eating lunch and waiting on my boss to return so we can file a brief and hopefully, leave early today. Our office is closing at 3:00 because they are blocking the streets off around us for CITY STAGES the big music festival here in Birmingham. Only a few of the bands seem to appeal to me, not worth the ticket prices and the heat for me though. My fun-filled weekend plans include babysitting (my sister is on a cruise) my neices and nephew. They are always so excited when they get to come over, and tonight they get to spend the night. So we're going to hit Blockbuster Video and maybe Pizza Hut tonight and tomorrow they are excited about getting to run in my sprinklers (I needed to water the grass anyways).

Just got the brief, ready to file, I might just be outta here!

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