Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hooked on Gardening???

So, this is what she's been up to instead of crocheting and designing patterns. I can blame the yardwork to a certain extent. This is the bed I made in the backyard a few weeks ago, it's amazing how much growth I have already compared to this photo. I find myself getting more into the gardening thing now and actually know the names of certain plants! I've even picked up an earthworm (not with my bare hands of course)! My mother came by (she has an amazing green thumb) and she was quite impressed with my choice of plants, the fact that they were planted in the correct conditions and just how the rocks turned out around the bed, and isn't that what's its really about anyways, the approval of our mothers...just kidding, but it did make me feel good.

I haven't completely abandoned crochet though. I saw a shrug that inspired me to pick up my hook and yarn last night and I'm eager to get home to work on it (after watering the plants). I brought it in to work with me hoping to steal a few minutes and get a few rows done. So far, it's still sitting in the bag next to me. I should take a photo and give you a sneak peek.

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