Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Happy New Year! Just a quick post while I'm at work. The holidays were very nice for me. Here's a photo of Journey and Joshua sporting the hat and scarf sets I made for them...I ended up making 7 sets for neices/nephews total in some really super soft yarn that I got from Hobby Lobby. I also made about 18 scarves for sale (I wished I'd made more) and sold all (11 @ $20 and the rest at $15). I'm still actually crocheting (even after Christmas)...and decided to try a scrap afghan and see how it does on Ebay....maybe a stained glass window blanket or something...not decided. Oh...and I also got the MICROSOFT ZUNE...for any of you who were curious about it, I think it's AWESOME! Especially for music lovers wo can spend some serious money on cds....save your money and get the ZUNE PASS...it's perfect and "all you can eat" music for one monthly fee. And....(drum roll please)...I also got ENGAGED....that's right, William actually proposed on Christmas morning. Don't even ask me about "the date" it's still undecided and we're leaning towards just eloping.

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