Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful Waist of Time

So I get home from work last night to a starving husband, eager for me to prepare his “Sunday dinner” (which to his disappointment didn’t happen on Sunday because we ate leftovers from Saturday night’s dinner). Anyways, so I made a beeline home to get started on it, already knowing that dinner would be late that night because of all the prep that needed to be done. He was so excited about dinner that he told me he hadn’t eaten ALL DAY and that he “dreamed” about it, so I couldn’t let him down again, right? So we’re in the garage and I just happened to ask about the latest PILE of wood I see. His eyes light up and he enthusiastically starts telling me about the wood, telling me about the tree it came from, pointing out little nuances in the wood grain and showing me his works in progress using the wood. He then starts showing me other wood in yet ANOTHER PILE that I hadn’t even noticed...uh, there's A LOT of wood in the garage, where did it all come from? I’m amazed at how much he knows about each type wood and listen intently as he struts around pointing this out and that out, showing me what he’s working on and telling what his plans are for other pieces of wood, his workshop, etc. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I had to get cracking on dinner before it was midnight…but how could I interrupt him...he couldn't be more enthralled, and I mean, he was showing me his wood and we were sharing a moment. Until I mentioned dinner and he stopped on a dime as if I was sitting around wasting time.

Before too long though, he was upstairs, keeping me company in the kitchen putting some cufflinks together at the table and playing the latest cd from The Roots (AWESOME CD!) for me and I was leaning up against the countertop crocheting away while the food was in the oven. We both eventually had to remark on how we were both “working” at that moment and how nice it was to both be at home, listening to great music, relaxing while we "worked" creatively...amazing.

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  1. That sounds like a fairy tale ;) you're a very lucky woman and he a very lucky man. It's a heartwarming thing to know relationships like that exsist.