Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cinematic Orchestra - The Man With The Movie Camera

This is one of the first songs that I ever heard by The Cinematic Orchestra years ago...I think it's still my favorite. But then again, I have so many favorites by this band, they're really one of the very best and one that I would LOVE to see live.

I had a call from a very nice lady today who lives in New Jersey. Her daughter bought one of my crochet patterns, but doesn't crochet, so she was making it for her daughter and had a question. She explained when I first spoke to her last week that she was 89 years old, she didn't have a computer, so the only way I could help her was to talk to her. She was so sweet and gave me such compliments on my pattern and how her opinion of the style, stitch, etc. (Kelechi beanie). It was really fun to talk to her.

I've been thinking about submission(s) for Vanna's Crochet Contest this year. I think for sure I'm going with a purse idea that's floating around in my head. Still trying to put it together in my head before attempting right now. And the fact I'm so behind on my mother's Christmas gift she requested last year. I'm getting a little worried. I'm only about 90 squares in, and I have ALOT more to go. At least I'm joining as I go and the ends are weaved in. There is going to have to be a CROCHETING MARATHON for a few days in order to get that one done by Christmas.

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