Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gerald's Game (again)

Just thought I'd throw in a random, non-crochet related blog post. I'm reading Gerald's Game again. This was the first Stephen King novel I ever read, about 15 years ago. I then found it on clearance at a Hollywood Video when they were getting rid of all of their audiobooks, so I couldn't leave it in there. That had to have been over ten years ago, and they're actual cassette tapes! I dusted them off and decided to go on this psychological rollercoaster ride one more time and I'm almost done. This still remains one of King's best (out of the few that I've read) in my opinion. It's just making me want to revisit my other favorites now.


  1. I read that about 5 yrs ago and loved it but alittle freaked out at the same time. Thats how you know that it is a good I just finished reading his 'Under the Dome' and that was good too. Long but good.

  2. I know what you mean about freaked's the perfect psychological horror. He truly knows how to paint a vivid picture doesn't he? I haven't read "Under the Dome" yet.

  3. I read this quite a few years ago as well. Even as an adult, it made me afraid of the dark and I didnt want to look in the corner of my bedroom.