Friday, July 15, 2005


Just when I was feeling a little better about the situation, Baloo had a good night, when I woke up, nothing was "hit".... all was dry. I went on Ebay last night searching for "OUT" and came up with someone selling a formula, I decided to try it. It's still soaked right now and my fingers are crossed, I hope that stuff works. When I got home, I noticed Baloo was acting....a bit strange. I can't put my finger on it, but something like he knew he'd done something and was waiting on my reaction or something. That sounds really weird to me, but I sort of sensed it from him while I was treating the red chair. I sort of thought he was just curious about what was going on in there, but now I think he was waiting on me to discover his 3rd upstairs location. I am DEVASTATED. I don't understand why this behavior. Believe me, I love Baloo and he is doted on, I can't imagine it being a behaviorial thing, he is the sweetest cat. It's about 10:15 now and I've relocated to the bedroom for the night. I'll sit up and watch t.v. for a while since William is working tonight.

On the positive side, I went downstairs to pet on Baloo a little, I feel so bad about casting out my baby and banishing him to the basement, and the fact that I took the cushions out of the seats, so I'm sure he feels a little unwelcomed down there...I also put some slightly crumbled newspaper on them to keep him off. He does have a top of the line cat condo down there which he loves. Wait.....I've gotten off track, this is supposed to be "on the positive side". I GOT A URINE SAMPLE! He used the disposable little box with the scattering of clay litter, so I got a clean catch. I'm taking it to the vet first thing in the morning. I am hoping if it's anything physical, we can begin treatment and healing (of the cat and our bond...I feel like the "you crossed the line...I feel like I don't even know you" feeling is mutual).

I haven't felt much like crocheting for the last couple of days, I am feeling a little down about this situation and what to do to about it. I am really feeling relieved that I got the sample though...I never thought I'd get excited about getting a urine sample from a cat, I guess I never really thought about it at all.

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