Monday, July 18, 2005

Road to Recovery

I got the results from the sample I dropped off at the vet, and poor Baloo has an UTI. That sweet kitty was only trying to let me know he wasn't feeling good. It's funny, I let him out from "lockdown" yesterday afternoon and just kept sort of watching him everytime he approached the scene of the crimes and kept sort of snapping and saying "No Baloo". I think he understands why he was basement bound over the weekend. It really broke my heart to have him to sleep down there and not be able to come upstairs and look out the windows, and hearing his little "Meow" at the bottom of the door. At least now I have an explanation of why he suddenly began behaving this way. I picked up his antibiotics and crushed one and put it in some soft cat food. He will have 10 days of antibiotics. I worked late tonight and wondered if I would find another surprise when I got home. Nothing. I know he doesn't want to go back downstairs and I just want him to feel better and be healthy. It's somewhat of a relief...but I just feel bad for him if he's uncomfortable. The vet said he should be feeling better in just a couple of days though. Thanks for all your support and advice.

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