Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rocky Road so far...

The road to recovery has been a rocky one so far. When I got home today, the futon was dry. Then after only about a half hour, I heard rustling (newspaper I left on the futon to deter Baloo)...I caught him in the act. I clapped my hands and said "No, Baloo!" and he scampered away. I ended up putting him back downstairs. At least this time I am fairly certain he knows why he's down there.

He won't eat the food or yogurt with antibiotics. I left some soft food and crushed the hell out of that pill and mixed it in good last night. When I got home from work it was untouched. He hasn't eaten all day. I mixed another pill in with some yogurt, I don't think he's buying that either. He can't get better if he won't take the medicine. I'm hoping he'll eat tonight. I'm at my wits end and I'm feeling depressed about it. Now he's downstairs all alone and I feel like I'm being punished too with all this guilt and worrying. I need a "drank" or sumthin' . I'm going to try not to worry too much about it and try to think positive. I think he needs to stay downstairs until he's completed with the antibiotics...or at the very least, has a few days of it.

I went downstairs...poor Baloo is just sitting down there in the same spot. But at least he ate a little food, so I know he's getting at least a little antibiotics. I picked him up and held him for a little while. The yogurt is still there. I brought his bed downstairs so he'll at least have a nice cushy place to sleep tonight....if, of course, he doesn't pee on it!

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