Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday, in spite of the fact that I know I have to work late tomorrow. Hopefully my new Rosalia de Souza cd will come in and I can listen to it all day, I'm sure it'll put me in a much better mood about working late on a Friday.

It seems that just about everything I try to crochet isn't working out for me. I have some really nice boucle yarn in a color called Fawn, which is sort of like a cornmeal/dijon type of color, and I thought, maybe design a nice scarf with it. I frogged it 3 times using 3 different stitch patterns. I gave up, I couldn't take anymore frustration...crocheting usually has a relaxing affect on my, not usually frustration. I think the yarn really wants to be a long sleeved bolero for fall...maybe with a collar?

I signed up for the Random Squares Swap on Crochetville. When I got home today I watched one of the dvds from the Unsolved Mysteries - Ghosts box set I got. I got 4 squares dones in boucle yarns. Baloo came and sat in my lap for a while. I think he still loves me. He has been taking his medication in his food wonderfully for 3 days straight! I'm so glad, I know at least he is getting better. I've left the cushion one of the seats downstairs and the last time I checked, he was curled up in it. I don't think he'll pee on it. I'm going to treat the cushion for the loveseat in that odor remover recipe I tried. It worked wonders for the upstairs....completed eliminated the smell. If he doesn't pee on it, I will see how he does upstairs some over the weekend. But in the meantime....I organized the closet beneath the stairs that I store my art supplies, Xmas stuff, etc. so he would have a huge closet to hide in. He usually likes mine, so I decided to make that one another great hiding place for him. I put a cushion in the very back in case he wanted to take a nap in there.

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